Alfalfa, Export
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Alfalfa, Export

250 $/тонна
Иванченко Иван Иванович
на Флагма з 7 жовтня 2014


Company: Ivanchenko Self-Employed Individual
The Company produces a natural product - high-quality granulated alfalfa (Medicago).
This product is produced in accordance with the technical specifications TU U 10.9-2457500992 - 001:2019
Alfalfa is grown in the Company’s own areas, the harvest of 2019, in an ecologically clean region, away from chemical and toxic plants.
Characteristics: Diameter is 6 and 8 mm. Protein 18%. Fiber 26%. Moisture 9.0%
Packing: Big bag for 1 ton, 25 and 40 kg bag
The volume of production is up to 300 tons per month.
Years of experience allow to product high-quality granules from alfalfa with specifically attributed to this plant smell.
Granulated alfalfa is an integral, protein and vitamin supplement in animal feed, which can be used as an independent food for all farm animals, due to the special content of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and minor-nutrient elements (Cattle, horses, sheep, goats, rabbits and all kinds of domestic rodents, birds, pigs, exotic inhabitants of zoos, including camels)
Our custom-made production can produce complete feed for all types of animals and fish.

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